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Visual communications degrees may be required for many people who want to work in the art and visual communication industry. There are a variety of careers that professionals may be able to choose from, including careers in advertising, marketing, public relations, new media, graphic design, and other art-related careers. Those who choose this career may expect to hold jobs with duties like creating and designing visual elements and materials that may be used to get a point across. As the degree title clearly states, professionals may work with visual mediums to make an impression or to create something that attracts the interest of the general public. There is little licensing or professional certification that is required for these types of art careers beyond the education that is obtained, but any professional certification that can be found will increase career success for visual communications professionals. Overall, employees within this industry are compensated well for their efforts. However, the exact amount of compensation and how much that varies is based on the exact position held and the experience of each professional. In order to understand how much can be earned, professionals should research their exact chosen position.