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Paralegal Schools

Those who pursue degree may often find careers in law firms, state and federal government law settings, with small lawyers groups and in local public defense departments providing aide to those who cannot afford proper representation. The duties of a paralegal or legal assistant may include everything related to the practice of law aside from the actual practice area, like research, handling communications and setting up appointments, filing paperwork and organizing case files to make the job of the lawyer simpler. They may assist in preparing documents of all kinds that are legal in nature, as well. Paralegals and legal assistants are not required to be licensed in their careers, although there are certification programs that can offer better career opportunities for those who want to become certified. Earnings within the paralegal field are quite impressive given the short education that is usually required of these professionals. As per BLS On average, paralegals and legal assistants and earn about $46,000 annually for their abilities. Through the next decade, the industry is expected to see significant growth of about 28%, of which the highest-paid positions will be given to those with the most education and/or experience in the career.