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Depending on the exact career that is chosen, applied health and medical professionals may determine whether they need a 1, 2, or 4+ year education in order to obtain the degree that they want to pursue. Medical graduates may generally work in doctors' offices, hospitals, urgent care facilities, specialty medical service providers, and more. There are so many different careers and duties that are performed by those who have a medical degree or applied health education. In many situations, licensing or certification may be required before professionals may work in their chosen career, but this will vary depending on the exact degree held and the state of residence of the professional. In some cases, employers may require licensure and certification where laws don't, so watch for that as well. According to BLS Salaries for people working in medical careers range between $20,000 and upwards of $175,000 or more depending on the position they have chosen and how much education and experience they have to offer. The field of medical careers is expected to see significant growth into the future. Over the next decade, careers should increase in most medical sectors faster than the national average, allowing the best opportunities for those who have the most education and experience.