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Medical Assistant Schools

A degree in medical studies may be required for anyone looking for a medical assistant career, although the program might only last 1-2 years depending on whether the individual wants a certificate, diploma, or associate's degree as a medical assistant. Professionals in this industry may work in doctors' offices, hospitals, and other medical settings where they can provide help and assistance to doctors and other medical professionals. Duties may include things like preparation, record keeping, general office duties, taking medical history, and other tasks as designated by the doctor or even the state of residence of the professional. Licensing is not required for medical assistants, but certification is available and can serve to improve the value of any career in this area. As per BLS Medical assistants earn about $28,000 annually on average, with higher earnings going to those who have more education or experience in the job, as well as those who work in hospitals as opposed to other types of medical careers. The growth for medical assistant careers, like most other medical careers, is expected to be well above average into the next 10 years. These professionals will become more highly demanded and as the need increases, so will the pay and benefits that are given to these skilled professionals.