Education Guys: Guide to Technical Education

Massage Therapy Schools

A degree or certificate in massage therapy may be required for anyone who wants to become a professional within this field. Massage therapy professionals may generally work in spas, medical facilities, or in private practice that they perform from an office or out of their home. This career is very desirable because of its glamour, and may require job duties like talking to clients about what areas they are having issues with, massaging people and providing related services, preparing and cleaning up the rooms and tables where massages are performed, and handling books and finances for those who have their own private practice or independent operations. Licensing is required for massage therapists, and every state has different regulations that must be followed for this particular career. Extra certifications are also available and can improve the standings of any professional provider, no matter what they might be certified in. As per U.S BLS the median annual wage of massage therapists was $34,900 in May 2010. Of course, the salary is commensurate with experience and the work environment that is chosen. Those who work in private practice or part-time positions will not see many benefits, either. Career growth for the massage therapy industry is well above the national average for all professions at 19% through the next 10 years, with the best jobs going to those who have more education and experience in the industry.