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Liberal arts careers may generally require some type of formal education that is 2-4 years in length in order to obtain the position that is sought. Careers such as teaching and other high-profile careers may require more education and training, while some careers may require less. Too many people believe that liberal arts education may only prepare students to become teachers, but they may actually work in any industry that they choose once they receive their liberal arts degree. The professional will have to determine which area of liberal arts they would like to specialize in and then obtain the education that gives them that. A liberal arts education may prepare students with skills like: communication, interpersonal communication, creativity and writing skills, problem solving abilities, leadership, research, and goal orientation, among others. These professionals may or may not require professional licensing for the careers that they hold, depending upon which exact position they seek once they have completed their education. Salaries for liberal arts professionals vary greatly from one job to the next. Research the specific career within the liberal arts field to get a more exact idea of compensation. Liberal arts careers are expected to maintain steady growth through the next decade as more opportunities are opened up by retiring professionals and new facilities.