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There are few, if any, careers that are available in this industry to people who do not have a formal education of some kind. Even legal secretaries and assistants may required to obtain certification in most cases so that they can work within the industry. There are a variety of duties within this career field, depending on the exact position that is sought. Secretaries, aides, and assistants provide may help to lawyers and law firms that includes basic office duties, legal research, and related work. Lawyers and paralegals work directly with case files and clients doing all types of research, representation, and other work. In addition to the education that is required for this field, there are often licenses that need to be obtained by the professional, generally for the higher-level positions and dependent upon which state the professional lives and works in. Lawyers have to pass the state bar exam and get their license to practice law, while secretaries and aides will simply have to complete the training programs that are required of them.