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A degree in information technology may require for most professionals who choose this line of work. From computer and information systems managers to IT service providers and repairers, there are educational programs that may provide the education, ranging between a simple certificate and a full four-year degree or higher training. In order to determine which training is required, professionals must choose which specific position they are seeking so that they can get the education that they need. Professionals who work in information technology careers may handle things like computer programming, management, repair, networking, and related jobs dependent upon their training and experience. Licensing is generally not required for these professionals, but any certifications that are granted will be much more helpful in proving the worth of a professional of this nature. Information technology is a fast-growing career field that needs plenty of employees to take available jobs. In the future, growth is expected to be above the average for all careers. The earnings in this particular field are very high, and can vary greatly depending again on the position that is held. Computer systems design and services workers earn about $115,000, while the entire IT industry earns an average wage around $88,000 to $140,000 annually as per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who seek higher education and training will easily garner the highest paying careers and the most success in the IT industry.