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Anyone who chooses to pursue a two- or four-year degree in this field will be able to put themselves in a position for higher paying careers and a quicker advancement into the top of their profession. Human resources professionals may be responsible for handling employee relations, workplace ethics and related issues, payroll and employee management, and similar duties while on the job. There is no technical or professional licensing required for this position, although individuals may need to have strong communication and organizational skills so that they may succeed in any career that they find. According to BLS median annual wage of human resources specialists was $52,690 in May 2010 depending on the exact position and amount of education that a professional has. For example, people who work in management will earn over $100,000 easily while those who work in other positions such as employment services or government human resources careers will earn closer to $40,000 annually on average. The projected growth for this career into the next decade is about on track with the national average for all careers, and the best opportunities will go to the people who may have the most training and education to support their career.