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Graphic Design Schools

In order to obtain a career in graphic design, students may need to receive at least 1-2 years of formal training. Those who choose to pursue the 4-year or higher degree levels may find better paid positions and more opportunities for growth and advancement into the future. Professional graphic designers may work on various projects, including computer design services, advertising and marketing, public relations, newspaper and print media, and other tasks that require their skills. There are many different art programs that students can pursue. Aside from the education that is required, there is no legal licensure necessary for this career. However, there are certifications that allow designers to showcase their talents and these can be obtained to help improve job prospects. The compensation for graphic design professionals varies greatly depending upon the exact position that they hold, and according to BLS the median annual wage of graphic designers was $43,500 in May 2010, given the experience and exact position that is held by the individual. Careers in graphic design will continue to grow with computer-related design fields seeing the most expansion into the next decade. Those who have higher levels of education or who hold degrees in computer-related design fields may find the highest paying positions and the most career opportunities.