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Fashion design professionals may require formal education in order to obtain careers within the high-paced fashion industry. There are a variety of different types of positions that may be sought once the education is completed, including positions with positions with boutiques and professional designers as well as independent positions where designers can start their own lines and companies. People who choose to work in fashion design may have duties like creating designs on paper that they will turn into a physical product, designing clothing for their chosen audience, and working with buyers and other designers to sell their ideas or their products. Fashion designers do not have to have a formal license to do their job. Most of the students who major in fashion design start off by working under another designer doing small tasks and apprenticeships, and then move on to start their own businesses when they have enough experience. The field of fashion design is expecting to see growth due to the glamour of the occupation increasing over the next 8-10 years. According to BLS the median annual wage of fashion designers was $64,530 in May 2010 depending on the exact position held and the amount of experience that a designer has.