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Education degrees may be required for just about anyone who wants to work in an educational career. Generally, four-year degrees may be minimum for entry level employment, with master and doctorate level programs being the most popular course of study. There are shorter 1-3 year programs for assistants, aides, and other professionals who do not need a full 4+ year education to do their job. People who major in education wind up working as teachers, assistants, administrators, and in other careers within the educational industry. They will have to handle basic office tasks, communicating with other staff and students, managing large numbers of students and paperwork, and related duties. Teachers will be responsible for creating lesson plans and providing effective learning modules for their students, while administrators will be responsible for keeping things on track and making sure that the education system is working like it should. The salaries for education professionals vary greatly. This will be completely dependent upon the location in which they choose to work, the exact position that they seek, and the type of education and training that they have. According to BLS future growth for education careers is good, and there is expected to be significant increases in demands for these professionals in the next 8-10 years.