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Actual cosmetologists may need to pursue the cosmetology program and then apply for licensure within their state of residency to become professionals within their field. People who study cosmetology may generally wind up with jobs in hair salons, barber shops, spas, and beauty salons. The duties of these professionals may include things like cutting and styling hair, doing nails and/or makeup, coloring hair, working with clients to decide upon the right look, being creative in their abilities, managing people and businesses, and other duties depending on the exact position that is held. The licensing for cosmetology professionals must be kept up to date, as well, and the guidelines for renewal will vary from one state to the next. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cosmetology professionals earning $10.82 an hour on average or $22,500 in 2012, depending on the exact job role and duties that are performed. The career future for cosmetologists and other personal appearance workers appears to be quite positive. Through the next decade as personal care becomes more popular, the field will see above average growth in many areas and steady growth in others.