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A degree in computers and computer sciences may generally require to work in any of the technology industry sectors, regardless of experience or which exact position is sought. Programs may range between 1 and 4 years in length, with higher degrees available to people who choose them. Computer graduates may generally work in technology firms, corporations, and technology departments within schools, the government, and private businesses. Some professionals may also work for themselves as independent contractors, business owners, or freelance employees. The duties of professionals in the computer and technology industry may include working with computers, computer repair and service, programming and IT support, and other related duties that are required in the computer industry. There are few, if any, licensing or certification requirements for professionals who choose to work in technology and with computers, although any certification that can be obtained will prove to make the professional a more valuable asset to any team. In the future, the growth of the computer industry may stay strong, providing many job opportunities for current professionals and new graduates who choose to work within this fast-paced, ever-changing industry.