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Ohio Trade Schools

Trade schools, sometimes known as vocational or technical schools, provide students with the opportunity to earn a certificate, diploma or degree in two years or less. Students who graduate from trade school enter the workforce with a marketable skill that may allow them to begin earning a paycheck immediately.


Getting a trade school education

Most trade school programs range from six months to two years and culminate in a certificate, diploma or associate degree. Programs generally consist of courses that teach students a skilled trade, as well as the science behind the job. Though most trade schools require hands-on education, some programs, such as that of paralegal or medical coder, might be available in an online-only format.

Contrary to some widely-held beliefs, trade school is not the "alternative" for those who couldn't get into the college of their choice. Trade schools are often the first choice for students who want to move into the workforce quickly, and it is often the best choice for those who have a career goal that doesn't require a four-year degree, such as that of hair stylist or interior designer.

Ohio trade schools

Ohio is home to many industries, including those that produce rubber products, steel, machines and tools, processed foods and other manufactured goods. Industry powerhouses Eaton, Proctor and Gamble and Sherwin-Williams are located in the Buckeye State. As the home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio is also known for producing military aircraft. Health care is a booming business as well, with several major health care employers in the state, including the storied Cleveland Clinic.

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