Qualifying For a Scholarships for Trade and Vocational Degrees
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Qualifying For a Scholarships for Trade and Vocational Degrees

Published:February 12, 2010

If you have been thinking about ways to improve your future career opportunities, then you have probably been thinking about going to college to pursue a degree. While there is nothing wrong with thinking that way, most people don’t realize that college is not their only option. An often forgotten about, or looked down upon, path you can take is going to a trade school. Trade schools may focus more on teaching you a certain set of skills, whereas college may focus more on a rounded out education. And just like colleges, there are different prices to be found for the various trade schools you can attend, with some being cheaper and other being quite expensive. So you can use all the financial help you can get.

Colleges may offer numerous ways to help students pay for their education and trade schools are no different. The most popular method to do this is to get a scholarship, which people like because unlike student loans, you don’t have to pay these back. There are all kinds of scholarships available for people working on a vocational degree. The scholarships you will find for vocational schools are usually broken down by trade. So if you are going into cosmetology, you can apply for a cosmetology scholarship. The same goes for the vast number of other trades you can specialize in as well. The people who give these scholarships out will do the same things they do with students who apply for college scholarships. They will look at things like your previous academic record, your financial history, and they will usually have you write a letter telling why you should be picked.

For those still in high school who plan to attend a trade school when they graduate, there is one scholarship just for high school seniors. The Coca Cola Two Year Colleges Scholarship is available if you plan to earn a vocational degree in a 2 year program at a trade school. It requires that you have a background in providing some kind of community service, as well as have a decent GPA. There all kinds of scholarships out for just a segment of the population. There are ones for just women, men, various minorities and people over a certain age.

For women, one group in particular is setup to help those who are going to train in accounting. The Educational Foundation for Women Accountants gives out two scholarships every year, the Women in Transition and the Women in Need Scholarships. Both of these offer quite a hefty sum. Finding scholarships is not really all that hard, but you will have to do some extensive searching to pick the ones that apply to you out from all the ones that don’t.

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