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Business careers may be obtained without formal education, although a degree in business may definitely set someone up for a more successful career future. People who pursue degrees in business may generally end up working in corporations, small businesses, sales positions, and even with state and federal government jobs. Business careers may always be critical to our economy and professionals may guarantee that they may have opportunities to succeed with their education in hand. Duties for business professionals vary greatly and may include anything from basic office duties and computer work to things like accounting, employee management and business operations management. Many careers within the business industry may require some type of licensure or professional certification, dependent upon the exact position or degree that is obtained. Every professional should check with their state licensing board to see if they are required to be certified before they find work in their chosen field. As an integral part of society, business careers may continue to have steady growth into the future, with the highest-paid positions going to those who have the most formal education and experience.