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Broadcasting Schools

Broadcasting, may also be referred to as broadcast journalism, is a career that may require professional education and certification. Usually, a four-year degree may be required to find work. However, there are some instances where a two year education or less may be obtained for careers in broadcasting of various kinds. This is a highly competitive industry and professionals that have education are more likely to get hired because broadcasters don't have time to get involved with job training and hands-on learning for those who don't have a formal education. Broadcasting professionals may work in places like radio stations, television stations, news media outlets, and more. They may perform duties like reporting news through various mediums, interacting with viewers, listeners, and readers, as well as gathering news and information. There is little formal licensing required for this career aside from those who choose to work in technical areas of broadcasting. This, of course, varies depending on the position that is held and the amount of education and experience that a professional has.