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Automotive degrees are not usually required for a career within the automotive industry, although technical and professional education and training may provide better career opportunities and higher paying positions for those who choose it. People who choose an automotive degree may generally find work in manufacturing, retail repair and maintenance, auto dealerships, and related areas. The job duties that are performed may vary greatly from one professional position to the next, but generally may include the construction, repair, maintenance, or sale of vehicles and vehicle parts as well as other tasks and duties that will be required. There are some licensing or certification requirements that must be met in certain states and positions, but some professionals may be able to work without actually getting licensed or certified in their area of expertise. Of course, any certification that is obtained may only improve career prospects, so it is recommended to people who want to make more and have more success. The salary for those working in the automotive industry varies greatly, based on the exact position that they hold and the amount of education that they have. According to BLS professionals may earn $17 an hour, depending on the job title and experience that they have. Future growth within the automotive industry is actually going to be steady, despite consumer myths and fears that the U.S. auto industry is failing.