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A degree in animation may require for anyone who wants to work within the art industry at this level. Animators may generally find work with a variety of businesses and organizations who may utilize their skills. Professional animators may usually work for production companies, computer animation services, and related professional businesses and organizations. Some may find success in working on their own, but in-house positions may always be more successful for animation graduates. It is important to note that this career may generally requires a 2-4 year degree or higher in order to be successful, but there are no formal licensing or certification requirements for graduates. Those who choose to study animation may find careers in a variety of places, and the salaries that they earn will vary greatly. According to BLS the salary for animators and multimedia artists is around $58,510 annually. Animators may expect to see about 8% growth through the 2010-20. The most opportunities and the highest-paid positions will go to the professionals who may have the most education and experience in animation.